Marketing With Personalized Products Gives Your Business Celebrity Status

Does your business or company have the leading edge in marketing and branding today?

Personalized company products, personalized marketing products, corporate promotional items and promotional business gifts are a proven and effective way to market your business, win clients and influence people.

You name it and it will most likely be guaranteed that you can print a logo on it. There are literally thousands of customized products, promotional business gifts and custom corporate gifts available for promotional advertising.

It is a very competitive marketplace today and you need to target new clients or customers, motivate your team, retain staff and stay on top of cutting edge marketing and advertising to enhance brand awareness.

How about that corporate golf tournament or charity golf game? Now here’s an opportunity to showcase your business with personalized golf products and corporate golf gifts. And for that celebratory drink before you hit the clubhouse you can offer your customers or staff their favorite beverage in custom koozies. Stay on par with golf promotional items and make your company an outstanding winner.

Communicate with your marketing team and design your own promotional products package to include a range of custom made products that can make enviable gifts for your most important clients, loyal customers, new business prospects and devoted employees.

Eco-friendly is the buzz now so you make an even bigger impression when you choose eco-friendly personalized bags such as business messenger bags or totes. With the amount of work related traveling that is happening you can make an executive bag and include executive products like custom stress balls, personalized leather products or promotional clocks.

An impressive corporate logo gift or corporate incentive gifts like a personalized embossed leather briefcase will give your business high profile in the boardroom and on the streets. Logo to go anyone!

Stationery has always been a popular favorite with personalized paper products, imprinted pens and custom note pads. For the staff member who spends all their time on the computer and has forgotten how to write with a pen and paper there is everyone’s love of the personalized mugs that save on employee battles in the office kitchen. Personalized calendars will keep those meetings and deadlines on time and you can always look at novelty products when you have your office parties at Christmas and other holiday times throughout the year.

An all time favorite in the personalized advertising campaign has to be the logo products clothing and accessories range. Promotional T shirts have adorned our backs since the birth of industry. Embroidered promotional clothing along with the invention of screen printing have boosted the sales and popularity of personalized shirts, personalized t shirts, custom printed sweatshirts and sweatpants and the most frequently ordered piece of customized merchandise, the baseball cap featuring team or company logo.

How do you make a lasting impression and stay on top in today’s market place? Invest in unique personalized products and business promotional products and remember to reward loyalty and good performance with gifts.

School Personalized Products for Fund Raising

Almost every school in the world today incorporates fundraiser endeavors as a component of its practice annually. For students in elementary schools, playing a part in a school charity performance is virtually a rite of passage; all of us have fond memories of going door to door in our locality advertising the particular school personalized fancy wrapping paper, candy, and cookies, all to promote our school’s extra-curricular goings-on and after-school agenda. Just akin to everything else, your school fundraisers must progress with the changing era or involvement will go downhill and your school could miss out on some most important endowment prospects. Fundraisers done the conventional way are already a thing of the past. The new methods now are livelier and engage a multitude of people assisting in accomplishing your school or learning institution’s fundraiser objectives.

This is an undemanding method to get on track getting funding for your school – enlist the PTA to help. Fundraising is a regular component of what your PTA or PTO does finest; so allow this enthusiastic assemblage of parents, guardians, and educators to utilize their skills and assets to lend a hand so your school can attain its highest revenue prospective. One trouble-free technique the PTA can help out is by obtaining products stamped with your school’s given name and insignia and reselling them for a higher turnover in your school shop, at public happenings, and in the neighborhood. School personalized bags and water bottles are just the thing for parents, employees and students, while neighboring businesses and neighborhood residents will be grateful for practical and realistic products like fridge magnets, bumper stickers and coffee mugs. When the public are made aware that part of their earnings is going to sustain and help local children, your school’s fundraising endeavors will be thoroughly satisfied.

Even at the basic education echelon, sporting affairs, science fairs and student theatre or recitals make grand school fundraising locations. Decorate tables and make available for sale embossed plastic/ stainless steel/ ceramic cups, personalized streamers, banners or megaphones packed with popcorn or colorful candy and chocolate at little league baseball games or track and field events. Put forward printed T-shirts to memorialize the yearly Science Fair, and put on the market glow-in-the-dark water containers to afford simple to see pick-me-ups (sodas etc) when the illumination is lowered. Tasks like these are over and over again vastly graced; the more people you can get a hold of, the more advanced your school’s earnings probability will become.

Enjoyable events like school pageants or a mini petting zoo are superb accompaniments to the elementary school practice. They are also grand traditions to ferry the community closer and bring in some additional cash for your school’s fundraising money box. Craft a small festival on your school grounds or in your school field. Impose a token admittance charge and put up for sale tickets for refreshment stands, rides, and pageants. Create entertaining carnival sports competition and accord reward such as imprinted backpacks, personalized CD albums, and soft toys for the champions. Minor bits and pieces like personalized erasers, pencils, pens and pencil sharpeners make the ‘just what the doctor ordered’ participation prizes.

Enhance Your Marketing Through Personal Products Promotion

If you are in sales, great customer service and product knowledge are the basic foundation to your success. These skills will undoubtedly increase your production and earnings over time, but growing your business by word of mouth advertising and through past customers referrals will take time. Adding marketing and promotional products to promote your business will be an effective compliment to expand your business faster.

If you are in the financial or real estate business, after you have completed a transaction and your customer is happy with your service, they may tell their friends and family for a few weeks. Unfortunately, after a few weeks the referrals will likely stop unless you maintain contact with them. A strong marketing and promotional campaign is a vital key to keeping up with your competition. Promotional campaigns use products that have your name, logo, and contact information on them to help you grow your business and develop recognition in your marketplace. When calling on your lead sources make your sales calls more effective and lasting by offering them useful products that will promote your services. Typical promotional products such as: pens, cups, flash lights, tape measures, and stress balls are all useful items in the real estate and financial industries. If you add a promotional campaign to your marketing endeavors, you should be able to lengthen the time your past customers and lead sources promote you and your business, thereby retaining a higher percentage of your past customers.

Promotional items will also assist you in introducing a new services or products that you may want to offer. These new products and services may help you specialize and become more profitable. Becoming an expert in rehabilitation loans, first time home buyer down payment assistance loans, or zero down payment mortgage products and promoting your expertise through marketing and promotional products campaigns will decrease the time needed to capture new business and profits. You can create a marketing promotional campaign to maintain contact with past customers, reach out to new customers at events, or more effectively promote yourself through your sphere of influence. Creating an effective promotional marketing campaign will help you and your contacts spread the news of what you can offer. Promotional items should fit your business needs and can be used as closing gifts, informational pieces, generalized marketing, and employee retention and motivation.

Creating an all-encompassing marketing system should utilize all aspects of personal promotion to reach your lead sources, these include: seminars, product knowledge, outstanding customers service, consistent contact, and retention systems to maximize your efforts. Developing a total marketing plan will enhanced your overall image as an expert and increases the likelihood that they will recommend their connections to you.

Business Styles and Personal Productivity

Recently, a newsletter arrived from a self growth website which explained dysfunctional personal productivity personalities.  Because productivity styles can mean the difference between entrepreneurial success and failure, I’ve taken some time to analyze this topic and provided some tips and techniques that have worked for me in overcoming some of these productivity inhibitors.

Scrappers are people whose offices and desktops look like modern art with a collage of post-its and paper scraps. While conventional wisdom accepts that a cluttered desk is an indication of a cluttered mind, disorganization can result in missed deliverables and over-commitment.

If this is your style, whether you are working solo or in a partnership, adopting a method that serves to remind you of what you have to get done can be useful. If you have a partner, ask them to send you email reminders prior to important deadlines. Using a website like Airset allows you to set up a system that will allow you to put your projects online with automated reminders about deliverables sent to your email. Face it, a little up-front planning is needed for any endeavor.

Pilers don’t throw anything away and file nothing. They can sometimes find what they’re looking for quickly but watching them sift through their piles of books and papers can be unnerving. Many years ago, I adopted the tactic of dating a hard copy document if I decided I needed to keep it after reading it. These days, most of my files are kept on my hard drives and I still tend to precede the document name with a date, year first, if I’ve taken notes using notepad.

My work entails writing business proposals, marketing plans, project plans, website code, creating website artwork, and researching business niches for good keywords. For obvious reasons, these sorts of files must be saved for a period of time, even if the project has ended.

At the end of 2008, after a cross country move, I spent several hours moving client folders off of removable storage and onto a secure location within my network. Using a standard folder hierarchy allows me to go directly to a client folder to locate content related to those projects immediately. My clients seem grateful for my organizational skills when they call to ask for a password that they’ve lost!

At the beginning of each month, I set aside a few hours to sift through file folders in my inbox and in the folders related to my clients. It takes time but the time is well spent.

Multi-taskers have millions of things they hope to get done simultaneously and seem to take great pride in talking about their long lists. A downside for some can be that a lot of things get started but none get finished.

If you are an entrepreneur with clients or own multiple websites multi-tasking is essential, but if you’ve begun to notice that you are feeling frazzled or overwhelmed by your work, it is time to take a serious look at your short and long-term goals. Document all the things you have committed to do and organize it into do-able chunks that are prioritized by relevance. Aside from family commitments, your most important things to do ought to be money making activities.

Interrupters are people who do not respect the fact that, just because they have time to talk about something now doesn’t mean that you do. Because I am sensitive to this myself, I’ve always allowed the person whom I think I need to talk with know why I’d like to talk with them right away and never fail to ask if it is a good time for them.  If not, I negotiate a more agreeable time for them.

When someone unexpectedly requests my time, I’ve found that my best defense is to be honest with them and, if I don’t have time for the interruption, I force myself to refuse and also let them know when I’ll be free. If I feel that I can take a few minutes at the time of their request, I inform them up-front about my time constraints and hold to that schedule by curtailing the conversation or text chat when the boundary is reached.

Procrastinators claim to work well under pressure and use this an excuse for putting things off to the last minute.  Their real crime is that they work on things that they would prefer to work on, which pushes the less desirable, and often more complicated tasks, back and puts them at risk.  Sure, we all are guilty of this sometimes but the pursuit of business success doesn’t guarantee that everything you will work on will be easy to do or fun.

Unmanaged, a procrastinator on a project can create havoc for other members of that group. While their creativity and talents might be welcomed, they require firm guidance and follow-up from a more focused team member.

Socializers waste incredible amounts of time communicating in frivolous ways. With the advent of social networking, people I was fascinated by and lost a lot of time on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook profile updates and responses. In an effort to recover my productivity, I established an hour or so at the end of each day to research topics that I wanted to post to Twitter and set up those transmissions using one of the many tools available for timing them. Many of these sites allow you to update multiple social networking profiles at once, and always include the highest quality sites.

I use a very similar tactic with both phones and Skype. Turning off the ringer during times of the day that I need to focus avoids phone interruptions. Similarly, putting Skype on “do not disturb” allows me to see when someone is trying to contact me and choose whether or not an immediate response is required.

Meeting addicts are obsessed with convening to talk about what needs to be done. So much time can be spent talking about such things that forward progress is hindered, however. If you’re invited to attend a meeting, ensure that the organizer has a clear purpose and that an agenda is issued in advance. If the topics on the agenda do not mesh with what is critical to your immediate needs, take care of yourself and decline the meeting.

If you are in a meeting and have something to say, make sure to apply the “So What?” rule before opening your mouth. This may sound like a statement from a belligerent child but it does force you to evaluate, in advance, whether what you have to say is relevant or useful to the group at the meeting.

E-mailers never use the phone to deliver a short update and love to broadcast their news to everyone on their list. It’s easy to ignore superfluous emails but, IM broadcasting software has opened up a new arena for pointless intrusions. Without exception, everyone who uses a Skype broadcast tool to communicate useless BizOp updates has been blocked from my list.

Although it is “polite” to acknowledge communications, not all emails or IMs require a response, especially if it is an uninvited solicitation.

Crisis creators dwell in a state of anxiety and everything is critical to them. The slightest problems can be exaggerated and their alarmist mentality can draw you in, if you are close to them.

Fire-fighting is a part of my business, at times, but keeping a cool head is what my clients seem to appreciate. If I cannot see an immediate way to help them with their problem, I will get offline with them and decide or do what needs to be done.  If I am able to resolve the issue without another conversation, I will provide a real-time or email update apprising them of the cause and the solution.  If not, I get back to them with a strategy, at the very least.

Packrats have never thrown away anything in their lives. This obsession has become a matter of public interest but not all packrats are obsessive. Like clearing your desk on a regular basis, making sure that you are eliminating clutter from your office or household is important. If you are looking over stored items and realize you haven’t opened the box or envelope in years, then you might want to honestly evaluate whether or not you need to hang onto it.  Heirlooms and sentimental keepsakes are excluded from this, of course.

As a funny aside, I once dated a fellow like this. The first time I visited his apartment, the ancient computer equipment and stacks of printouts astounded me. There was but a narrow path between spaces to a chair in the living room, his bedroom, and the kitchen. When he moved to a new place, all of these things wound up in his garage too.:)

Perfectionists are so interested in doing things perfectly that they often neglect to get them done. Impressively long lists and generous offers to contribute are part of their style. I have known people whose lists were so lengthy that their lack of completion caused them distress. I recommended that they write shorter so things could be checked off quicker.

This actually could related to the multi-tasker style and the suggestions that were made there are certainly applicable here. Organizing and prioritizing “to-do” items into chunks that are easily accomplished not only gives a sense of personal satisfaction but also demonstrates to your clients that you are capable of getting things done.

Workaholics can’t seem to think of anything but work and also can’t seem to avoid reminding people about how much they work. As an entrepreneur working from my home, it has sometimes been difficult for me to separate my work and personal life but assuming dual expenses for internet, phones, utilities, and rent is not desirable to me.

I’ve learned to schedule “free time” for family, play, and personal projects figuring that, as human beings, we were given life so we could experience pleasure and fun too. I like to call these things mini-vacations, for all work and no play can make one dull and this is the last thing any of us wants.

This is a fairly complete list of things that could be hindering your entrepreneurial output but I’m sure that those of you reading this post can think of others. Any thoughts that you have and want to leave as comments are welcomed. During holiday seasons, when stress levels are higher, make sure to take care of yourself.  Business success may be critical to your survival but so is your emotional health.